"All right stop, collaborate and listen."

as Robert Matthew Van Winkle might say, better known as Vanilla Ice.

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Hello! Thank you for taking your valuable time to stop here. As a technology customer support specialist, these words quoted above from the song “Ice Ice Baby”, represent more to me than just a rap song. I believe customer service was probably the furthest thing from Robert's mind as he collaborated with the talents of Freddie Mercury and David Bowie to compose that song.

To me, this short phrase sums up the core functions of customer service with the fewest words possible. When someone contacts you for support reasons, they obviously need you to stop and listen to them carefully. Only then can you begin to collaborate with them and determine if you need to collaborate with others to find a solution to their issue. When you do this consistently with your client you create a rapport of approachability. This is something important that you can never lose with your client. They must know and trust that they can always reach out to you, no matter how small or how large of a problem that they think they have and no matter how busy you are. That rapport creates a perception that is a key part of what makes the client feel they are receiving excellent service. Perception is such a large part of successful client support. If you are perceived poorly, no matter how good you think that the support you provided was, it was poor support.

I hope you will read further and learn more about me and my philosophy and how it would be a positive addition to any professional team that provides customer service. My Resume.